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No matter your plumbing projects, repairs or inquires, Aquaflow has decades of experience helping families and businesses with their plumbing needs. Below are a list of various common services we look after. We provide Hamilton and Niagara plumbing services, and service most of Southern Ontario.

We’ve seen it all, and we can fix it all. 


Water, Drains & Fixtures

Aquaflow can handle all of your most common plumbing issues. From leaking pipes and clogged drains, to dripping faucets and fixture upgrades, we’re here to help and repair.

Hot Water Tank & Instantaneous Service

We specialize in hot water tanks and instantaneous units, which includes anything from a removal and replace job, or even just upgrading you to a better system. We’ll help you find the best water heating solution for your home.

Sewer Jetting and Video Inspections

We offer jetting services to clear drains of grease, sediment and debris. We have a small jetter for drains up to 3 inches and a large jetter for 3 inch to 12 inch sewer mains. This is an eco-friendly approach to cleaning drains without harsh chemicals.

Pump Maintenance

We can work with you to develop a pump maintenance program. From well pumps to sewage pumps, to jet pumps we take a pro-active approach with scheduled servicing of your pump – addressing issues before they become a problem.

Pipe Thawing

Frozen pipe damage is a common problem in the winter months throughout homes in the Niagara, Hamilton and Halton regions. We can repair your leaking and broken pipes quickly and safely.

Pipe Freezing

If your isolation valve is faulty or missing, we can safely freeze a water line to avoid draining the system, by freezing the water branch we can install the correct isolation valve, efficiently and effectively.

Backflow Preventer Testing, Installation & Service

Backflow prevention plays an important role in protecting potable water from contamination due to ‘backflow”. It is required in commercial spaces where a potable water system connects with a non-potable water system which are called cross connections. Backflow preventers are installed on a variety of water supply lines, including sprinkler systems, heating units, boilers and irrigation systems . Backflow devices are required to be tested annually. We are licensed to Test, Install, and Service your Backflow Prevention Device.

Renovations & Remodels

We offer bathroom, kitchen, and laundry room renovations and remodels. This includes rerouting and replacing pipes, as well as upgrades to fixtures, faucets and various features of your space and more.

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“Professional and reliable outfit, highly recommend Aquaflow for all plumbing and heating needs. I have used Brendan and his friendly team for both small and large jobs on my older home.”

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